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  • Cuzco Hostel - Salamanca Hostels

    Located in the historic center of Salamanca, thanks to its excellent location you can visit the main sights of the city.

  • Cuzco Hostel - Salamanca Hostels

    Accommodation with spacious and comfortable rooms in the historic center of Salamanca at the best price

Salamanca Hostels

Hostel in the center of Salamanca

Inside the Salamanca hostels offer we can find our accommodation, Hostal Cuzco, located in the historic center of the city of Salamanca, next to the main tourist attractions, cultural and entertainment district. From the accommodation you can navigate on foot without using any means of transportation. In front of the Hostel you can find the Convent of Bernardine and the Church of Canterbury and just 5 minutes walk you reach the Convent of the Dominicans, the Cathedral, the University of Salamanca, La Casa de las Conchas, the Town Hall and Plaza Mayor of Salamanca.

Cusco Hostel is a modern and comfortable you will feel relaxed and at home. A very bright accommodation with rooms expand, comfortable ensuite. The hostel offers several services to guests staying in it, and reception open 24 hours. Know a comfortable and affordable accommodation in the heart of Salamanca.

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Cuzco Hostel Salamanca

Cuzco Hostel

Cuzco Hostel is located in the historic center, near the main attractions of the city.

You will have very close ...

  • Convento de Los Dominicos
  • La Catedral vieja
  • Iglesia de S. Tomás
  • Instituto de la Seguridad Social
  • Obispado de Salamanca
  • Juzgado de Salamanca

You can visit on foot ...

  • Convento de Las Bernardas
  • La Iglesia de Canterbury.
  • La Casa de las Conchas
  • El Ayuntamiento
  • La Catedral Nueva
  • La Universidad de Salamanca
  • Convento de Santa Clara

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